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Monday, July 04, 2005

Celebrating a Birthday; Not Mine

Happy Fourth of July. I just finished David McCullough's 1776. After reading this book, One wonders how Washington's army ever defeated the English. I may have more to say about the book later.

We celebrated the 60th birthday of a very good friend last evening by going to dinner with her and her husband. Nancy and Ross Weinstein eat out a lot more than we do so they chose the place. The restaurant was Volterra, which we were told is a hill town in northern Italy. It's been open about a year in the place of the former Burke's, a very good Cajun restaurant that we have enjoyed in the past. Volterra was pretty classy and a bit pricey. I said "what the heck, we don't do this often." So I ordered wild boar in gorgonzola sauce, with au gratin potatoes and vegetables. I'm here to tell you that wild boar does not taste like pork. Maybe it was the sauce. I thought it tasted halfway between pork and beef. Anyway, forget the expense. It was very tasty and I'll probably never have wild boar again. And this fine restaurant was kind enough to have Stella Artois beer on the beer and wine list. Oh, so tasty.

I'm going away for about six days so don't expect me. The now semi-annual retreat at our cabin for a bunch of old geezers. I'll repeat all their lies when I return.


Blogger Andy J said...

You are definitely a brave soul to attempt wild boar. I, on the other hand, am such a finicky eater that even if I did eat meat, I probably wouldn't be able to bring myself to the task. As for Stella Artois, I don't want to disillusion you about it, but I did read an article in The Wall Street Journal in which they declared something to the effect that in Europe it's considered one step above (you'll pardon me here) cat piss. The thrust of the article was that their marketing push was designed to sell a product deemed to be sorely lacking in quality. I'm not kidding on this. Maybe you can pull this article up online. I just spotted cases of Widmer (sp?) Heffeweizen (sp?) in my local Costco, a beer I remember fondly from a visit to Seattle. My favorite current beer (non-draft) is Newcastle Brown Ale. Man, what a great beer!

6:27 AM  
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