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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Movies in Reno

I promised to tell a bit about the recent trip to Reno. It was quite laid back. We are not big gamblers but we find enough attractions in Reno to make our trips there pleasurable. Among other things we took in two movies, on two consecutive days. There is a fine movie theater on the banks of the Truckee River which runs right through downtown. My wife, Anna, had watched a program on television recently about the making of and the voice work done by Bruce Willis and others on Over the Hedge. She wanted to see it. Since she never never asks to go see a film - it’s always me that suggests one - when she does, I accede willingly. Over the Hedge is an entertaining enough film, nothing great but fun, with a few laughs (at least for me). And Bruce Willis’s voice is almost perfect for the character of the racoon.

The following day we saw The DaVinci Code. Lots of hype about this one. From the book by Dan Brown, of course. The plot is a lot of hooey, as they used to say, but it makes a good thriller movie. For me the best thing was being able to see places I have never seen but have read about (long before the book). The Louvre is Paris, the Templar church in London and Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. Opus Dei was portrayed as suitably evil. In real life the members are probably upstanding citizens. Their beliefs are conservative and they would change the Catholic Church if they could. There is a fairly recent book about the Opus Dei but I doubt that I have enough interest to pursue it. The belief that Christ and Mary Magdalene were married is old news. And the protection of Audrey Tautou as a descendant is a bit much. How many generations would have lived and how many descendants of Christ would there be? I read that there is no such thing as the Priory of Scion, or hasn’t been until recently. It makes a good story. Protecting the bloodline of Christ. But I must say that Tautou is my new favorite Audrey since Audrey Hepburn passed away. My granddaughter did not like the movie. Quote: “They left so much out.” She will eventually learn that they cannot film every scene in a book. No movie has since The Brave Bulls. My opinion. More about the trip to come.


Blogger Bill said...

Joe Lansdale recommended both these movies to me last night.

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