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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And All I Got For Christmas Was A Goat

Christmas eve is always a busy time at our house. With two granddaughters, 10 and 6, it’s a wonder that anyone gets to open their presents. Grace, the youngest, was passing out presents. Finally she got around to passing out a gift to Grandpa. In the envelope she handed me was a card from Heifer International. On the back was a note. It said, “Here’s that goat that Dad always wanted.” It’s true. I’ve always had a fondness for goats, especially Nubian goats with the long floppy ears.

Heifer International is an organization which helps struggling people from around the world become self-reliant for food and income. So I hope some family in an poor village somewhere is taking good care of my goat and treating her nicely. She’ll give them milk for themselves and maybe a bit extra to sell. I wish them well, parents, kids (a pun) and my goat. And thank you to Sean, Mary Rose, Nora and Grace (who happen to have two goats of their keep down the brambles and brush on their ten acres.).


Blogger Cap'n Bob Napier said...

It was delicious! No, seriously, I think that's a really neat gift and very thoughtful in more ways than one. I think goars are pretty nice, too, and am a little miffed that the farm exhibit has been discontinued at the Point Defiance Zoo, where a small pack of Nubian goats used to eat kibbles out of the patrons' hands all day long (available at 25¢ a pop from a gumball-like machine).

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