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What you have here is an old guy. In education for 30 years, started teaching elementary, ended as library and media director of community college. I've enjoyed mountain climbing, sports car rallying, was pipe major of a bagpipe band, played guitar and sang during the folk revival, walking and hiking later in life. Now fairly sedentary. Enjoy reading, esp. mysteries and fantasy, but my reading is pretty eclectic. Enjoy movies, giving Netflix a workout.

Monday, July 19, 2004

We spent the weekend at the cabin again.  Mostly peaceful.  Sometime Sunday afternoon we walked along Kernahan Road to the bridge to see what the river was doing.  About the time I reached the bridge, three motorcycle riders came over the rise.  The lead rider pulled a big wheelie just as he drew even with me.  I thought how stupid that was.  I was in no danger but he was taking a chance that he could control the bike when he was up on one wheel.  Yeah, I know.  We see it all the time on tv.
As we were driving home later that evening, we saw flashing lights ahead.  I slowed because there were people by the side of the road, some walking on the verge.  As we drew closer I could see that there were three State Patrol cars and three motorcycles.  Two guys were sitting on a guard rail.  I was busy driving but Anna spotted something covered with a blanket.  Undoubtedly it was the third rider.  And they only cover somebody completely when they're dead.  It was quite sobering.  I don't think it was the same three riders that I had seen earlier.  But if the wheelie rider happened by, it might have given him something to think about. 


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