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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

OTR Politics: We enjoyed sharing our dinner this evening with several friends from our old time radio club, REPS (The Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound). The e-mails have been hot and heavy the last few days. First an announcement from our president to say that he has resigned. Followed quickly from our vice-president also announcing his resignation. At which time e-mails flourished as members sought to find out what was happening. Others, more in the know, responded. It seemed that a palace coup was under way. Older members who have been there since the club’s birth tried to make sense of it all. Newer members were surprised at all the fuss, not understanding. Whether the club remains as an active entity remains to be seen. There has been a call to review the constitution and by-laws. Seems that there are a lot of non-elected positions that have been allowed to vote. And it seems the elected board and the non-elected members chose to ignore a request from the president to postpone a meeting to discuss the convention for 2005 until he could be present. Thus the upset and many communiques flying back and forth. The six of us at dinner tonight make up a part, but not all, of the opposing faction. There is a serious movement afoot to correct this situation. We will just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I just listened to an episode of Gunsmoke, the audition show with the character called Mark Dillon and the marshall not played by William Conrad.


Blogger Ivan G. said...

As a fellow REPS member, I would just like to say--boy, am I out of the loop!

Frank, was the audition episode the one with Rye Billsbury or Howard Culver? Howard Culver's widow, Lois, is one of the regulars on IRC's #oldradio chat every Thursday eve at 8pm EDT.

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