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Monday, August 09, 2004

Fay Wray and The Goon Show: Fay Wray died today. She was 96 years old. She was not entirely happy that she was best known for her role in the movie, King Kong. But I believe that she eventually became used to it. Not many who have seen the movie will forget the huge ape climbing the side of a skyscraper with Fay dangling from one fist. I think I read somewhere that a remake of that movie is being filmed. And I think that the director is Peter Jackson. After Lord of the Rings is there any place to go but down. I suppose that I should reserve judgement until I have seen the film.

On another note today’s mail brought two disks which contain the complete The Goon Show, a radio show from the fifties. It's in MP3 format. It was a BBC production and featured Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe and over the years several other radio actors. When it played on radio here our children were still in grade school. We tried to sit down to dinner at the same time the Goons were on and we all listened. Perhaps that’s why my kids, now all 50 years old or better, all have strange senses of humor. I’ve only had an chance to listen to the first program on the disk, which was actually a history and reminisces by the players, musicians, writers, director and producer of the series. It contained exerpts from various shows, by way of examples. That was enough to bring a loud guffaw from yours truly, and I should let you know that I do not guffaw easily. I think there are about 100 shows on the two disks. I am sure they will give me many hours of pleasure. And plenty of guffaws too.


Blogger Bill said...

I'm just hoping that Jackson doesn't screw it up too much. My idea was that he'd be the perfect director for a movie based on A PRINCESS OF MARS, but the latest rumor is that the guy who's doing SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW is getting that job.

6:40 AM  
Blogger Ivan G. said...

A Goon Show fan, eh? "You silly, twisted boy, you..."

5:14 PM  
Blogger Mike Horvat said...

You miserable old coot! If you'd 've asked, I'd 've sent you the Goon Shows from my collection . . . and would probably have charged less! Aren't they great, second only to Walt Kelly. Blog on, Rogue Raven!

7:15 PM  

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