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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sherlock Holmes

It’s been a Sherlock Holmes kind of day. The mail brought two presents to myself. The first was the DVD of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the first thirteen episodes of the television series featuring Jeremy Brett. I’ve just finished watching "A Scandal in Bohemia." I haven’t watched any of the series for a long time and I had vague memories that it was good. But I had forgotten just how good it was. There are three more DVD collections which I will purchase in due time.

The second was delivered by UPS. It was the new two-volume annotated and illustrated collection of all the Doyle short stories featuring Sherlock. The exact title is The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes, edited with a foreword and notes by Leslie S. Klinger. So I will probably begin my fourth journey through the canon. That's not all that many for the real Holmes enthusiast. I first read all of the stories as a boy, but the second and third readings only came recently, within the last five years. This collection is published in two volumes, oversize and rather thick. They are contained in a slipcase. They appear to be heavy and I suppose I will read them at the dining room table, rather than hold them in my lap. A very nice production. If you're interested I suggest buying from Barnes and Noble on the internet. The set lists for $75 but B&N sells it for $52 with free shipping. That's about 1/3 off.

Between these two, plus the other forthcoming DVD collections of the Granada television productions, I should be kept highly entertained and no doubt educated. Oh, frabjous day!


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