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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pricey Stuff

I have little reason to read the Business Pages of the newspaper but since I read the newspaper pretty thoroughly I do at least glance at Business. I was caught by one article. In it was quoted some woman who had her hair cut and styled at the cost of $150. Further down was an item about a purse for $1650. What have we come to? People are starving around the world, some even in our own United States. I rarely talk about social issues in this blog, but this just caught me wrong (or maybe right). Lady, get a $40 cut and style and send the other $110 to Doctors Without Borders or CARE or the charity of your choice. And as for the $1650 purse....

Lest the men think they are any better...notice how many Hummers there are on the road? And how about the salaries and perks for CEOs and the $4M mansions or the exclusive clubs, gold or otherwise that have memberships at $4-5K a year. I shall now get down from my soapbox.


Blogger Bill Crider said...

Speaking of men (and haircuts), didn't John Edwards get a $400 haircut?

5:18 AM  

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