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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ken St. Andre, a Visitor from Phoenix

I spent part of yesterday with an old friend whom I had not seen for some years. Ken St. Andre is a librarian from Phoenix, AZ. I first met him and saw him often during the years that I attended Science Fiction conventions. Ken is also a gamer and invented a game called Tunnels and Trolls. It has been around for many years and is still popular. Ken had been guest of honor at a Seattle gaming convention over the weekend.

With Monday free until his flight home, we had time to take in a couple of the local sights. Ken and his friend wished to see the Space Needle up close and personal. On the drive there he mentioned that Seattle had a science fiction museum, didn't it? Yes, it surely did and by circumstance, it was practically next door to the Space Needle. So we spent an hour-and-a-half in Paul Allen's Science Fiction Museum and then had a very nice lunch in the Space Needle restaurant, just below the top of the Needle's observation deck. Fortunately the fog burned off and we could see the city, the lakes, the mountains north, south and across Puget Sound. The guys from desert country were properly impressed, I think.

So, after some years, Ken and I have connected again. We have email addresses and should stay in touch. I enjoyed the day very much and hope that Ken did as well.


Blogger Ken said...

Frank, the time spent with you was the highlight of my whole trip to Seattle. I'm only sorry I didn't get to your house to see your books, and what you're reading lately. The lunch at the Space Needle was spectacular. The hologram displays inside the SF Museum were the best I've ever seen. The coverage there was a bit superficial, I thought, but the place was designed to appeal to the average person instead of trufen like you and me. Thanks for spending the day with Rick Loomis and me.
--Ken St. Andre

6:11 PM  

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