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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

On the Road 2

On the Road 2 - 11.02.09
Coming north from Soccoro, NM we passed a GMC car dealer. His name was Tillery. We wondered whether his first name was Art or Dis.

We stopped at the Laguna Pueblo casino, about 60 miles west of Albuquerque, for lunch. It is a small casino but the most friendly people. The casino is called Dancing Eagle after a ceremonial dance of many Pueblo people. Our waiter was Will Louis and we had quite a conversation with him. He had been up to Washington state and told us of the many things which he had never seen before. Driving across the Narrows Bridge high above Puget Sound was one of them. Another was watching the fish mongers at the Pike Place Market throw big salmon from the front of the cases where they are kept in ice to the person who weighs, price and wraps the fish.

The people at the next table were from Minnesota on the way to visit their daughter who is in the service and stationed at Fort Lewis, near Tacoma. They were happy to hear a weather report from the Puget Sound area. They began to talk about the beauty of Minnesota, especially of the Boundary Waters area near the border between the U.S. and Canada. Since we have been there I knew exactly what they were talking about. They were trying hard to convince Will that he must visit there and canoe in to experience the silence when there is nothing or no one else around.

I told Will that he could read about that part of Minnesota in the wonderful books written by Sigurd Olsen. Olsen taught and was sometimes Dean of a community college in Ely, MN. I’, quite sure that he could have had a university post almost anywhere but he chose to stay in the area of the country that he loved. He’s been dead many years but his books have been republished within the last few years, I think by the Univ. of Minnesota Press. Anyone who loveds the outdoors or even to read about it would do well to search Olsen’s books out.

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