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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Empty Bowl

Today (28th) was empty bowl day..that should be Empty Bowl. Once a year there is a benefit in our fair city for the food bank. Potters work in a building at Mosier Field, which backs onto Highline High School and the football stadium. Each year these potters make, among other things, hundreds of soup bowls. Several of the restaurants in the area make soup, usually three kinds. People come, pay $15 (up from $10), pick out a bowl, get soup, bread, cheese, cookie and coffee and sit down and eat. When finished the bowl is yours to take home. The crowd was so big last year that they changed the venue to the community center, which is Burien's old library remodeled. Shannon and Mike, our daughter and husband, came in. Jenny, our granddaughter also met up with us. They had to be to work at 2 pm so we did the soup thing for lunch. Last year they had 900 bowls and made $13,000 for the food bank. It should be even better this year. We sat with Merillee Cogswell, who is the managing librarian for the Burien Library and the Highline cluster. That includes several other smaller library branches in the area. Later who should appear out of the blue but Don McQuinn, a local author. I greeted several other people that I know in the community. Anna Jo saw lots of people that she knows through exercising at the community center several times a week. So a good time was had by all.


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It was a good day for soup, too. Sounds like a great idea.

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