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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Picasso Exhibit

Tuesday we finally got to the major exhibit of paintings by Pablo Picasso at the Seattle Art Museum. The paintings were on loan from the Musee International Picasso in Paris. The exhibit was about to close in a few days and the museum was crowded with people like me, who waited until near the end. Tickets were sold for a specific time for entering to prevent overcrowding, staggering the entry times. Still it was crowded enough. I avoid the crowding at the first paintings in the exhibit by going past and picking up the paintings a bit further along and later backtracking to the beginning when the crowd had thinned.

I must say that I am not enamored of Picasso’s work. His early work was representational and I enjoyed seeing works from his blue period and red period and even his cubist period. Once he got beyond that, I was less enthralled. I think I understand what he was trying to do but I’m not sure I care for some of the works for which he is famous. Still, it was a must see exhibit for me, though what little I know of art is self taught. I try to see any major exhibit which comes to Seattle and I have visited many art museums on my travels, both here and in England. I particularly love the Impressionists, French and American.

Our daughter and son-in-law accompanied us to the exhibit. We were all worried a bit about the weather. Snow had been forecast for the evening commute time. We were fortunate to get home before the snow, which came a bit later than anticipated. It snowed several inches but was gone by noon the next day.


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I too love the French Impressionists. We have a few limited edition prints of a Vancouver Island painter Steven Gu, who is very versatile. My favourite print by Mr. Gu, "Bamboo Pond", is hanging in the stairwell over the oak roll top desk. I look at if often and each time it feels like an impressionist painting, although it is from a Chinese tradition. My all time favourite exhibition was the British Museum exhibit at the Provincial Museum in Victoria, BC. It featured a perfect replica of the Rosetta Stone and many other fascinating objects.

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