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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The America Cup

The America Cup races recently held were a disappointment to me for more than one reason. I’m not a sailor; I’ve only gone sailing one time. But I have always been fascinated with this yacht race. The race was last held more than three years ago. In recent times there were five or six teams vying for the cup and there was a series of elimination races until they were down to two. Then the finalists raced a series of five races and the winner had to win three out of five. This year there were two yachts. They were racing two out of three.

The two teams were the Swiss team, Alinghi, and the American team, Oracle. But first they had to argue in court for two-and-a-half years before they could race. They did not race in single hull yachts, but in trimarans, triple-hulled yachts. Apparently there were no duels rounding the marks, when a sail was taken down and a spinnaker went up. This was one of the most exciting parts of the race, as far as I was concerned.

But then I never got to watch. In previous America Cup races one of the networks, one of the sports channels, carried all of the qualifying races as well as the final races. This year there was no television coverage. There were only two races, as Oracle ran away form Alinghi and won two races. This brought the America Cup back to the United States since sometime in the mid-nineties. It would have been fun to see how the huge trimarans handled and how the crew got around on them. In what I have read there was a good deal of talk about a particular sail, but I have yet to find photos of it. Or maybe wouldn’t recognize it if I did see it. But alas! The winning yacht, Oracle, was built in Anacortes, WA, just up the sound (Puget Sound) from Seattle. A small consolation.


Blogger Reed said...

Hey Frank!

You always come up with interesting stuff that never crosses my mind. Of course, we've dumped the daily paper (except Sunday) as a cost-cutting measure, so the only sports action I get is through internet headlines. I don't surf as much as I used to. Hell, I don't do anything as much as I used to. Missed most of the Olympics as well, but I gotta figure you've been glued to the hockey games.

Baseball season approach-eth. Now we're talkin'. Chris is giving me the E-vile Eye for suggesting we check on a Time-Warner baseball package, but I'm gonna do it anyway. ESPN and local telecasts are dwindling down, as the song goes, to a precious few.

Been watching some good indie horror films lately, but I suspect they won't find favor with you, so I'll not spend time or space (with or without Ferdinand Feghoot) listing my newer treasures (unless of course you're interested).

Good to see you active on the board again. Two whole posts in the month of February. The mind boggles.

Best to Anna Jo. You take care your ownself.

... Reed

3:13 PM  

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