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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Such a Political Boy: Last night I sat down and wrote a letter to the editor. I don’t do that very often. But our county library system has a bond issue on the ballot on September 14th. Since I am on the board of our local library guild and my wife, also a board member (and almost full-time volunteer, it seems like) is involved in this issue up to her earlobes, I thought I’d better do my part. There are 43 libraries in the county system and our local library has the third largest circulation in the system. Of course the bond issue covers the entire county excepting the cities of Seattle and Renton, which are independent library systems. So it is important for each community to do their part to get out the vote. Selfishly, we want to see the bond issue pass because it will mean a new library for our community. The library will double in size. Several communities which have not had libaries will get them, about fifteen libraries will be expanded or remodeled. So this is very important to the entire county. And this bond issue includes maintenance for the next ten years. Don’t know whether my letter to our community newspaper will see the light of day, but I put my best into it.

Today’s mail brought a letter from Al Franken. It was political, but not what I expected. Apparently Al went to Harvard with Mark Sidran, who is running for Attorney General for the State of Washington. Al says "I have known Mark since I was accidentally admitted to Harvard in the late 1960's." Later he says "Mark’s experience is what I like to call one of the three E’s. The other two E’s are integrity and energy. Wait. Scrap integrity. Although Mark has it in spades, it does not start with E. I remember learning that at Harvard."

The letter was both informative and at times quite funny. He didn’t have to convince me. Sidran’s opponent is not someone I would have voted for anyway. So, relax, Al. But send me another funny letter sometime.


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