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Thursday, February 10, 2005

La Strada

I just finished watching La Strada, Frederico Fellini's first internationally acclaimed film. The film is fifty years old and was shot in black-and-white. It's a sad story. Anthony Quinn plays an itinerant performer who does a strong man act. At the beginning of the film he pays the mother of a young and none-too-bright girl to go with him and help with the act. From the very beginning he mistreats her, but gradually she becomes fond of him. Later they join the circus for a while where Richard Basehart taunts and teases Quinn, who has a very short fuse. The girl, played by Fellini's wife, is offered the chance to go with the circus but declines. Later on the road Quinn happens upon Basehart. He punches him out and Basehart dies. The girl grieves and finally Quinn, tired of her, leaves her sleeping by the side of the road. Several years later he learns that she has died and finally he is sorry. Quinn plays the loud, blustering strong man very well. Giuletta Masina is a wonder as the girl, with a very expressive face showing an amazing variety of emotions. Probably not a film for everyone but I've been a fan of Fellini's since the 50s. It's well worth watching


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