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What you have here is an old guy. In education for 30 years, started teaching elementary, ended as library and media director of community college. I've enjoyed mountain climbing, sports car rallying, was pipe major of a bagpipe band, played guitar and sang during the folk revival, walking and hiking later in life. Now fairly sedentary. Enjoy reading, esp. mysteries and fantasy, but my reading is pretty eclectic. Enjoy movies, giving Netflix a workout.

Saturday, April 30, 2005


Dale Goble and Mike Horvat came to visit this week from Oregon. At the same time Jim McLeod and his wife, Debby, rode the train up from California. Debby had won the trip at her workplace. They stayed at the Edgewater Inn where all the famous stars stay and you can fish out the window of your hotel room. Dale and Jim were high school buddies. We were joined by Dan Willott. And all of us came to know each other through science fiction fandom. We all belong to an amateur press association through which we keep in touch by monthly mailings. We hadn’t seen Jim for twenty years. He had worked for a subsidiary of Industrial Light and Magic and was involved in the art work for computer games for Lucas. We had a wonderful dinner together at the Edgewater Inn. The Rolling Stones and the Beatles have nothing on us. It’s hard to catch up on twenty years in just one evening. After dinner in a rather noisy dining room we retired to the lounge where we could hear each other. Jim is retired as are all the rest of us except Dan. It was awfully good to see Jim again. The main problem is that none of us attend sf conventions any more. But we promised to not let twenty years go by without getting together again.


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