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Monday, March 07, 2005

Rocky Jordan

Today's mail brought a small shipment of old time radio on MP3 discs from OTRland. After supper I sat down to sample one of my favorite shows, Rocky Jordan. This show came rather late in the period when you could hear drama and comedy and westerns and mysteries on your radio every evening. Rocky owned the Cafe Tambourine in Cairo. His nemesis was Captain Sam Sabaaya of the Cairo Police. Rocky was played by Jack Moyles and Captain Sam Sabaaya was played by Jay Novello. The episode I listened to was "The Man in the Morgue" in which Rocky reads his own obituary in the newspaper. Come to find out the body was somewhat of a look-alike but had Rocky's papers on it. The person was a investigative reporter (they didn't call them that in those days) who was uncovering a plot to smuggle aliens to the U.S. with stolen identification papers. A good show with a comedy sidebar, so to speak, in the character of Moonlight Bey, a young Egyptian musician who is enamored with jazz and and knows all the cool phrases from that period. 42 episodes of this show are available. You can own them all for only $3.00.I'll put in a plug for this outfit. The sound of these discs is pretty clear. The catalog on the internet is pretty extensive. If you own a MP3 player or a DVD player that will play these discs you might enjoy trying some old shows. I play mine on a RioVolt (similar to a Discman). I don't know whether he has cleaned up the programs or not, but they are much cleaner than many of the shows that I previously collected on casette tape.


Blogger Andy J said...

Yikes! What is this world coming to when you can get 42 radio shows for $3. I too love ROCKY JORDAN.
You can close your eyes, "lift the veil of antiquity", and feel like you're in the world of sphinxes and sarcophagi. Kind of wish there had been a ROCKY JORDAN tv show but those papier mache pyramids might not have been too believable. Not too many shows could make you feel as if you were transported to another world and another existence, but radio ROCKY still does and your post will force me to do some digging tonight to look for my tapes. I haven't entered the world of MP3 yet, but I do have an iPOD. I remember the guys at the annual OTR convention in Newark decrying the existence of MP3 and warning everyone not to enter into those waters but how much of that is resistance to change I don't know.

5:49 AM  
Blogger MadamRenfield said...

I just recently discovered Rocky Jordan and I love the show. It is really wonderful, quite authentic and a brilliant foray into the 'theatre of the mind.' :)

8:13 AM  

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