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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Finding Neverland

I watched Finding Neverland last evening. It was a movie that I had missed while on the road trip. I enjoyed the movie very much although I can’t say that it was a happy movie. And it made me wonder how much of it was true. I guess it will send me to the library to seek a biography of James Barrie. Julie Christie has aged pretty well but her role as mother was not a pleasant one, her character not pleasant at all. Johnny Depp is a favorite of mine. I suppose it’s because he doesn’t get typecast. He always seems to play someone different. After playing Willie Wonka, which was a walk in the park for him, I was glad to see him in a role where he had to reach a bit. And he seems to play well with children, does not run with scissors...oh, excuse me, I got carried away. I like his having just a hint of Scottish brogue. It reminded me of the soft Irish brogue that he had in Chocolat. The young boy who played thye role of Peter had a difficult role and he played it well. I missed his name in the credits which went by too quickly. The story of how Barrie's famous play, Peter Pan, came to be was a fascinating one. Something more to look into. Anyway, it’s a film I can recommend you see of DVD, just in case you didn’t see it in the theater.


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Willy Wonka came after Finding Neverland.

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