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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Grey Cup

Yes, I've been away again. Just can't seem to stay home. We journeyed north to Vancouver, B.C. for Thanksgiving and a couple of day after. Vancouver, and more specifically B.C. Place, was the site of this year's Grey Cup. Grey Cup is Canadian football's version of the Super Bowl. It can be crazy in Vancouver or in any city where the Grey Cup game is being played. The game moves around amongst the cities which have teams in the CFL. I wanted to be home to enjoy the game in the comfort of my own couch. Canadian rules are a bit different from NFL rules. There are twelve players, a field that is 10 yards longer than our and wider. There are only three downs to make 10 yards for a first down. Missed field goal tries or punts have to be run out of the end zone by the receiving team or the other team wins a point. So what you get is a much faster game, in my humble opinion. Run one play, pass one play and punt if you don't make the yardage. I guess we're lucky in that we live close enough to the Canadian border to receive one television channel, CBUT. The Edmonton Eskimos played the Montreal Alouettes for the championship. It was a good game and I enjoyed it very much. Edmonton won a very close game in overtime by kicking a field goal.


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