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Friday, December 08, 2006

Back Yard Birds

When we arrived home from our recent trip, around the second week of November, we thought that the resident hummingbirds must have flown to warmer climes. Still we had hope. We hung a red bandana for the color to attract them back to the feeder, if they were still around. Nothing happened for a week. Then it snowed one night. The next morning we saw one hummingbird sitting on a stake, try to gather the warmth of the sun. It had frozen overnight so we quickly brought the feeder in, thawed it out, put in fresh sugar water and rehung it in the back yard. Before very long we had four hummingbirds fighting for space at the feeder. Anna quickly drove off to the local Wild Birds store and bought a second feeder. All is well in the Denton back garden. The other morning we were charmed by the assortment of birds: the ubiquitous house sparrow, Anna’s hummingbirds (nice that they named the bird after her), black-capped chickadee, slate-colored juncos, and bush tits at the suet feeder. We think that there is a Rufous Hummingbird around also.


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