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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Day at the Races

Last Saturday we spent a wonderful day at the race track. Two years ago, when we were in Lexington, Kentucky, we went to the races at Keeneland. When we got to the admissions window we were told that the grandstand was sold out. We settled for general admission and found a seat on the apron in front of the stands. Before the races got under way the wind was blowing, a rather cold wind. Anna went back to the car to get a blanket and something to cover our heads. She ran into a wonderful woman working for Keeneland. She found us seats in the handicapped section. Lucky thing, too, for by the seventh race it was pouring rain. She told Anna that her son was going to be transferred to Ft. Lewis and wanted to know what area near the fort were safe and affordable. Anna called a niece in Tacoma who manages several apartment complexes. A bond was made. We’ve since kept in touch be email.

Edith Newdigate, her husband, George, and son, Mark, now a captain, met us at the races. Edith and George had come to visit Mark, who will soon be off on another posting. Fortunately it will not be Iraq where he has already done two tours. We had a wonderful afternoon and early evening. George had already been on the internet and had his betting program pretty well in hand. We were more interested in talking than in figuring out our wagers. I picked several winners by eyeball. Sometimes that’s as good a way to bet as any. But mostly it was talk and then watching the horses run.

The folks were pretty impressed with our track, Emerald Downs. Since Keeneland and Churchill Downs are right next door to each other – well, 60 miles – they’ve seen major races and jockeys. Our horses are not of the same class but the setting is beautiful, with Mount Rainier just over the first turn. Of course Saturday, for most of the day, the mountain was covered in clouds. But before day’s end the clouds parted and we could see the entire mountain. All of us visited the saddling paddock once and Edith and I visited the second floor balcony which overlooks it before one of the races so she could take photos. All in all, it was a swell day that we enjoyed very much. We hope that the Newdigates enjoyed it as much as we did. They certainly seemed to.


Blogger Andy J said...

I find your horse racing interest very, well ... interesting. I had a friend who was every bit as compulsive as me. Although he never went to the track, he videotaped every race that was shown on tv. He had a whole closet full of these racing tapes (which of course in the best collector tradition, he never watched). One day I came over his house and there were a couple thousand tapes sitting outside the closet. Seems he'd missed taping one race program and had become so unhinged by it that he was recycling all the tapes. Missing something, though initially traumatic, can have a very positive theraputic effect. Wish something like this would work for me!

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