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Friday, December 01, 2006

A Visit from Friends and a Gift

The Gold Dust Twins (why did that pop into my mind?) Mike Horvat and Dale Goble, both old friends, came to stay at the Denton adobe abode for several days a couple of weeks back. When they say they are coming there is no reason to look for them any time before 6 p.m. They have to stop at the twenty-eleven used book stores between Salem, Or and Seattle. This gives us time to make up the bed in the spare room and figure out something to feast upon, fatted calf or lark’s livers or something.

Mike found a book that he thought I would enjoy. Oh, boy do I? It’s Murder at the Races edited by that ubiquitous English editor, Peter Haining. And it’s long...with lots of stories. Some 550 pages. I’m going to enjoy this for quite a long time. I’m rotating it with a book of western short stories and a book of ghost stories. I’ve already read stories by John Masefield, Dick Francis and Nat Gould. I’ve heard about Nat Gould for a long time but he’s impossible to find. He was a prolific writer of novels and short stories about horse racing. He sold 30,000,000 copies of his books in his lifetime. I am going to have to pry copies by inter-library loan out of some magnanimous university library. Just as I am currently waiting to see if one of them will turn loose of a novel by R.D. Blackmore. Another seller of millions of books during his lifetime and now you will be lucky to find any titles except Lorna Doone.

Anyway, glad that you guys visited and thanks for the book, Mike. I’ll write further about another gift he gave me.


Blogger Bill said...

I think I've mentioned Bloodlines, the new racing anthology edited by Maggie Estep and Jason Starr before, but just in case I haven't, I'm mentioning it now.

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