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Friday, August 27, 2004

Campion: I am a sucker for British mysteries, both novels and movies. And I especially like period pieces. One of my favorite British writers is Margery Allingham, the creator of Albert Campion. Allingham is long dead. But the BBC saw fit to produce two seasons of a television show based on her novels. I bought the first season of four shows recently and sat down the other night to see the first of the shows, Look to the Lady. Campion is played by Peter Davison, known for his roles in All Creatures Great and Small and Dr. Who. I expected a good mystery and I got that, but I also got a bonus, the scenery. Beautiful houses, beautiful country estates, beautiful scenery. There was also a bonus bonus, two classic cars beautifully restored and polished to a sheen. It was lovely to watch them being driven down country roads. The mystery had everything: the murder of a woman, the blame laid to a local woman known as a witch. The legend of a chalice, the secret of which will be revealed to the heir of the family when he is twenty-five. And finally, Campion, captured by the villains and put into a stall with a wild stallion who has killed before. All in all, a very nice couple of hours in front of the telly. (I did say it was a British show.)


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