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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Death Worms and Charging Spiders: There is much weird stuff in this world. And no better place to look for it than on The Fortean Times website. Every once in a while when I have an idle moment I click on and see what is new in the world of the weird and wonderful. Today there was a fairly long account of a trip to Mongolia to look for a snake/worm that lies beneath the sand for months at a time. The leader of the expedition was Adam Davies, who works for the Home Office in England. Nice holiday, what? The giant worm is said to emerge when it rains. This happens in maybe two months a year. Davies and his mate went looking for the thing. There is even a picture. It doesn’t look much like a snake. It is said to be five feet long and blunt at both ends. But is said to be very aggressive, very poisonous and can strike or spit a lethal corrosive venom for a distance of several meters. The expedition didn’t find the thing but they did meet with charging spiders, also very poisonous. And they did meet many people who had seen the worm. This reminded me of a book which I read not so very long ago, Big Tiger and Christian by Fritz Muhlenweg. It purports to be a young adult book but it’s really quite a good adventure in the Gobi desert of Mongolia for any age reader.


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