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Monday, November 29, 2004

Gentian Hill

During our recent trip I read about a dozen books, but three of them I deemed especially good. The first was Gentian Hill by Elizabeth Goudge. Every writing book that I've ever looked at says that the writer should 'show' not 'tell.' This was a novel in which the story was mostly told. Yet I found it totally satisfying. An old fashioned book. A great story. Interesting characters and just a smidgen of coincidence. Elizabeth Goudge is practically forgotten these days, except for a couple of children's books which are still in print. I first read a novel by her probably fifty years ago. It was entitled Green Dolphin Street. Coincidentally that is also a favorite ballad that still is very popular as a standard jazz tune and has had many renditions recorded. Since I enjoyed the novel so much I intend to do some searching for other Goudge novels in the future.


Blogger Bill said...

Everybody says "show, don't tell," but if you pick up a bunch of novels from the last couple of centuries, including many of the well-known ones, you'll find lot of telling. And it seems to work just fine.

6:38 AM  

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