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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Library Victory and Holiday Trip

One of the bright moments during our trip was phoning home to our library after the September 14th vote to see how the bond issue came out. Both Anna and I are on our local library guild board. We are pretty sure that if the bond issue passed, our library will be the first to be replaced. It will double in size. We were very happy when we talked to the library manager and she told us that the issue passed with flying color. Anna had worked hard locally with the city council in promoting the vote, being a contact person and liaison between the county library system and the local community. She was quite happy to hear the good news.

One of my correspondents asked when I was going to start posting some blogs on highlights on the recent trip. After all, were gone for a total of 63 days. Something exciting must have happened during that time. Yes, indeed. Many things. Some were pretty exciting to us but may not be particularly good fodder for a blog. Others were and I promise that I will write about them soon. A day spent mostly at Midas in Hanover, Pennsylvania getting new brakes isn’t exactly an exciting topic. But the two days previous spent at Gettysburg is. So never fear, eventually I will sort out the things I want to write about and foist them upon you.


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