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Saturday, November 20, 2004

A Massage Therapy Charity

We have friends from the powwow trail that have had an inordinate amount of medical expenses of late. Karen has had major surgery, one knee replaced and another to be replaced this coming week. Michael has had cancer surgery and much chemotherapy with still more to come. Someone was kind enough to set up a massage therapy session with all donations going to help them out. We sort of dinked around the house and didn't get started today so it was late when we arrived. Karen and Michael had tired and had left when we arrived. But we hoped to get a good back and neck massage. Unfortunately we were too late for that as well. The therapists were all busy. What we did get was a hand exfoliation (I beg your pardon!!) and a hand and arm massage. Which felt quite good, I must say. But the point was to contribute something to the medical expenses of these two people. They've got to be horrendous. We've not seen them since we returned from our trip but we'll see them soon at a powwow.


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