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Saturday, March 05, 2005

In Memorium F.M. Busby

I've just gotten home from a memorial service for F.M. Busby. Buz died about a week ago but the party was held today. Buz was a late starter as a writer. He was somewhere around 50 years old when he realized that he could retire from the Alaska Communications System. Then he began to write science fiction. He published 19 books. About a hundred people came to the memorial. Many of them spoke, telling tales and stories about Buz that were warm and wonderful. Many of the stories were about young fans who met Buz for the first time and how he talked to them like an ordinary guy, not some stuck up author. They were grateful for that kindness. We met members of his family but the preponderance of the people were science fiction fans. Elinor Busby, his wife, seems to be doing quite well. She and Anna, my wife, often drive to opera preview group meetings together. There were many people in attendance whom I had not seen for fifteen or twenty years. I had a nice talk with Jessica Salmonson who writes weird and wonderful stuff. Another long talk with Brian Herbert who, along with Kevin Anderson, is continuing the 'Dune' series from notes that he found in a bank deposit box. I was able to ask him to give my regards to Kevin and to Bill Ransom, another fine writer who is now teaching creative writing at Evergreen State College. I even made a tentative agreement with a couple I have missed seeing to have dinner soon. Buz's memorial was not a sad thing. Buz was an science fiction writer but he was also and always a fan. This was a science fiction party. He would have liked it that way. This is the third memorial or funeral we have attended in the last couple of weeks. And there is one more to go. This must tell me something about my own age but I don't want to think about it. RIP, Buz.


Blogger adamosf said...

I knew Buz from Clarion West in 1972 when he was a new writer and also the senior role model for all us kids. What a nice guy, and talented writer as well! He will definitely be missed.

3:04 PM  
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