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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Netflix Again

I'm a little slow. Blame it on my age. I received several catalogs which featured, among many other things, a number of British shows on DVD. I was licking my lips and thinking about how I'd love to own many of them, especially the various detective series. Those who have followed this blog or who know me know that I've been enjoying movies, many of them old, for the past year through the Netflix rental system. Gosh, I thought, I wonder if Netflix might possibly have any of the shows that I liked. I don't have the BBC channel where many of them played, or the series ended many years back. And I missed many episodes of shows like Inspector Morse, Inspector Lynley, Brother Cadfael, Midsomer Murders. So I looked them up on Netflix and sure enough they have them all and then some. Along with Foyle's War, Wire in the Blood, Touching Evil , P.D. James 'Adam Dalgleish' mysteries, Lord Peter Wimsey, Inspector Alleyn, Campion. Well, now I'm really in seventh heaven. I'm set for a long long time. Idiot box bliss or something like it. Sorry to be a flak for Netflix but I'm loving it.


Blogger James said...

Netflix is definitely the cure for DVD Accumulation Syndrome. Those series boxed sets can be pricey in the extreme, so it's a lot cheaper to just drop them in the queue and watch them. Sometimes one ends up buying in the end, and other times just having them temporarily is enough, but either way I've saved a small fortune.

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