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Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Very Happy Anniversary

Our daughter is so good to us. On our 58th wedding anniversary she took us to Teatro ZinZanni. The theater is a dinner circus. It serves a five-course meal interspersed with circus and comedy acts. What a terrific show and likewise a terrific meal. The theater is held in a circus tent, housed inside a building. Of course there must be a kitchen, places for the actors to change, etc. But the original tent, what they call a ‘spiegeltent,’ was imported from Europe. We were told that it was originally built in 1910 in Belgium. It seats 300.

The show had a theme, Quest for Queendom. Queen Wilma, played by a comedienne with a very mobile face from London, was looking for a consort. Manchester, drag queen and her faithful servant, is looking for his/her own consort. Much to the concern of all the men in the audience, he scouts for an embarrasses several men before choosing one for the ultimate embarrassment. What a good sport he had to be. And Adam of Kent, although clearly embarrassed and wishing he were elsewhere, was very good. Interspersed with this ongoing theme were some terrific circus acts, two juggling, several high acts on a single rope, and a black woman singer from Atlanta with a terrific voice and style. Among others, she sang one of my favorites, John Coltrane’s “God Bless the Child.”

What an evening! Almost four hours of eating and entertainment. Thank you, Shannon.