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Friday, October 07, 2011

Eye Surgery

I had cataract surgery on my right eye a week ago today. I had to be at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. so we were up at 4:30. Or as my friend who had a career in the artillery says, 0 dark 30. After we checked in, we waited for a call to the preparation room. Over the next hour I met many people who were somehow involved in my operation. They were something like a United Nations. There was a nurse from somewhere in Eastern Europe, a nurse from Kenya (she had a wonderful lilting speech and reminded me, a couple of Japanese (one a doctor new to the hospital who asked me if she could observe) and several Caucasians. All were cheerful and gracious. At that time of the morning? I applaud them.

One of the things I was surprised about was the number of people involved. There was the first woman nurse who took my blood sugar levels, and blood pressure and pulse. And covered me with a warm blanket. Next was a male nurse who went over my meds and asked about my heart attack in ‘93. We had a nice chat. He lives in Austin, TX and works on 13 week contracts. He’s been asked to stay until January. He’s married so I don’t know how that works as his wife is a teacher. But I can see why they’d like to keep him. Next was the anesthesiologist with a few simple questions, then two nurses, then a nurse anesthetist and finally the doctor. And after the operation two people in the recovery room. That’s a lot of people for what seems like a simple operation.

Shortly they wheeled me off to the operating room. There was some general conversation while the sleepy time medicine worked it way through my system, then one by one the team introduced themselves and spoke certain information, obviously being picked up by a mike and recorded. The doctor repositioned my head to his satisfaction and the operation began, removing the lens from my right eye and replacing it with a new lens. Apparently it went well, the doctor was pleased and said that I was an excellent patient. Soon they were rolling me into a recovery room, where I was fed. Bagels and cream cheese and apple juice never tasted so good. Soon Anna was called and told to get this bum out of here.

The eye was irritated and I had to cope with that for a couple of days. I played pirate for a day, then went in to have the patch removed and the doctor looked at his handiwork. I’ve been assured by many people that I’ll be very pleased with the results. No more will I have to read the newspaper with a magnifying glass. What a relief that will be.


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