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What you have here is an old guy. In education for 30 years, started teaching elementary, ended as library and media director of community college. I've enjoyed mountain climbing, sports car rallying, was pipe major of a bagpipe band, played guitar and sang during the folk revival, walking and hiking later in life. Now fairly sedentary. Enjoy reading, esp. mysteries and fantasy, but my reading is pretty eclectic. Enjoy movies, giving Netflix a workout.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Return of the Rogue

My, oh, my. What a relief to be able to get back on the internet. My modem burned out. When I (we) replaced it, we found that we couldn't connect with the internet. For two weeks I fought with the machine, me of little technical knowhow. Two friends were unable to get there either. Finally with the help of Geek Posse and a few bucks ... well, around $150 really ... I am finally up and running again. In a few days I may even be able to say something worth reading. But for now it is enough to be able to tell you that I am sitting up, taking nourishment and able to blog once more.

On another topic altogether, my dear wife was watching Boston Legal this evening. I don't watch it except occasionally in passing. I must say that William Shatner gets fatter every time I do get a glimpse of the show. His face looks like a moon. Credit must be given to the show for two things: it takes a shot at the government's tomfoolery almost every show and it gave Michael J. Fox a chance to act again, in spite of the disease with which he is afflicted, Parkinson's, I believe.


Blogger Bill said...

Welcome back, Frank. Judy watches Boston Legal, but I don't.

5:08 AM  
Blogger Randy Reichardt said...

Frank: Two weeks away from the 'net, and you lived to talk about it! ;-) Randy.
PS: No snow in Edmonton for most of the winter, and none since mid-December. Totally freaky and bizarre...

8:43 PM  

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