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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Western Union

I heard that Western Union has stopped sending telegrams and just this evenbing I've had time to reflect on that a bit. In the movies we used to see bellhops in their little round hats coming into hotel lobbies and shouting "Telegram for Mr. Smith, telegram for Mr. Smith." Matter of fact we don't see bellhops with little round hats anymore either. I guess they went out with Johnny when he quit shouting "Call for Philip Morris." I used to be able to imitate Johnny pretty well but a 76-year-old voice isn't the same as a young teens. My, how time flies. Well, anyway you can still send money by Western Union. But it costs a bundle. We had to send some to our son when the kids needed medicine and he was a bit short. It cost almost as much to wire the money as the amount of money we were wiring. Well, I guess things will never be the same. As if they ever were.


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